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Bathroom Vents Installed on the Roof to Provide Proper Ventilation

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This roofing repair project was located in Lisle, IL.

When it comes to maintaining the health and safety of your home, it's important to pay attention to the small details. One such detail that can often be overlooked is proper ventilation in the attic. Without proper ventilation, moisture can build up in the attic, leading to mold growth and potential structural damage.

Recently, Rhino Roofing took on a project where we were tasked with installing two bathroom vents on an asphalt shingles roof to prevent mold from growing in the attic. This was a crucial step in maintaining the overall health and safety of the home.

The first step of the project was to locate the appropriate spot on the roof to install the vents. After careful measurement and calculation, we determined that the best location would be on the roof near the bathroom areas. This would ensure that the vents would be able to effectively ventilate the attic, while also being out of sight from the ground.

Once the location was determined, we began the installation process. First, we cut the appropriate sized holes in the roofing material to accommodate the vents. Next, we inserted the vents and secured them in place. Finally, we sealed the vents and surrounding area to ensure a tight, weatherproof seal.

The result was a properly ventilated attic, free from mold and other moisture-related issues. The homeowners were thrilled with the results and were relieved to know that their attic was now a safe and healthy environment.

In conclusion, proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining the health and safety of your home. If you suspect that your attic may not be properly ventilated, it's important to have a professional roofing contractor like Rhino Roofing take a look. With our experience and expertise, we can ensure that your attic is properly ventilated and free from mold and other moisture-related issues.

Service: Roof Vents

Budget: $895

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